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My name is Jasmin Mondata, and I'm a digital artist based in Bristol, South West of England. I have a passion for digital painting, and using industry-leading software I create digital portraits and illustrations flowing with feeling and character. 

My work is suitable for commercial or personal use -

I offer digital painting to enhance brand stories, and a personalised digital portrait as a fun memento for loved ones. My artwork is adaptable for any social media or print projects - whether it's paper, canvas, wood and more. It can be as small as a stamp or as magnificent as a mural. With digital painting, the sky's the limit.

Be sure to check out my painting process and other work below. Get in touch anytime; I'd love to hear from you!


 Custom colour portrait - £120

Custom black & white portrait - £90

Other request - please contact


(printing is a separate cost)


My digital portrait process

For digital portraiture, I like to start with a clear photo reference. Having it open alongside my canvas allows me to refer back to it quickly and build up a rough sketch.

The next step in my process is to block out the outline and fill in areas of light, mid and dark values. Every stage is a chance for experimentation, so I'll allow myself to have fun and play with the colour tones.

I can then blend the values together using a mix of brushes and textures. The fun part of being a digital artist is then sculpting a face full of unique life and character.

Finished digital portraiture

Below you can see some examples of my painting, hopefully this gives you an idea of my art style and what I can create with you.


I'd love to work with you

I'm personally invested in living an ethical lifestyle, so naturally,

I love to work with companies within the sustainable fashion sector and the ethical healthcare and beauty industries.

With my colours, vibrancy and playfulness, my digital portrait style will highlight the beauty of your brand - whether you're launching a new product, wanting to send a key message or spread awareness, I'll help you tell your story. Of course, I also create commissions for individuals as well.


Whatever you're working on, I'm exctied to support you in making your project a big success. Send me a message below - I look forward to hearing from you!

Digital portrait of male model
Digital portrait of male model

Digital portrait of male model
Digital portrait of male model

Digital portraiture for Chris Do (The Futur)
Digital portraiture for Chris Do (The Futur)

Digital portrait of male model
Digital portrait of male model


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I'd love to know more about that special gift or project you have in mind - get in touch and let's talk!

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