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Three reasons how Digital Painting can enhance your Brand!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Are you looking for fresh, new marketing content? Maybe your company needs a rebrand? In this blog post I'll share three ways digital painting can supercharge your next project.

Digital portraiture

In an article by, the artist Jeremy Sutton talks about his experience creating art and his experimentation with various mediums. When talking about making digital art, he expresses "it's a genuine technique which will completely change the way in which we create art in the future".

This sounds exciting! But how can this apply outside of the art world? With the advent of the internet and social media, brands are now turning their attention to new forms of content creation which is more optimised for digital platforms. This is inspiring a new generation of creatives such as the digital artist.

If you're interested in finding out how digital painting can benefit your brand, I'm always happy to help, so just get in touch.

Firstly, what is digital painting?

Digital painting is an art form that uses creative software installed on a computer so that the artist can work directly from a digital canvas, and it’s usually paired with a drawing tablet and pen or stylus.

An example of software is Adobe Photoshop which is used on desktop computers, or the Procreate app on the Apple iPad.

So how can digital painting benefit your brand?

Digital Marketing

Digital artist

Digital art is a great way to market your products, ethos or your brand in this digital day and age. As the artwork begins on a screen, it’s simple to adjust the work to fit any social media platform - be it an Instagram post, a Facebook banner or an email blast. Digital painting can offer you a relevant, modern take to the story you're telling, but if you're in need of that traditional feel, creative softwares like Adobe Photoshop can propose a number of different classical styles, including watercolour, acrylic, collage, and plenty more.

All-in-one Solution

Digital painting

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Versatility - digital painting is incredibly convenient. There’s no need for location shooting, models, or setting up special equipment. Digital art is brought straight to you, and managed between artist and client seamlessly through the web or office. Depending on your needs, your marketing campaign or story can be bright, dynamic and colourful, or soft, quiet and delicate - the artwork can easily be adapted to suit your brand’s style.

Speeding up your Workflow

Turnaround is much quicker. Naturally, projects can develop away from their initial brief and it's important to be able to nurture that progression, rather than hindering it due to limited resources.

As a digital artist, it's relatively easy to modify and manage any changes and diversions, including the colours, compositions, texts or any other visual elements, depending on the complexity of the request. 

So there you have it!

It's worth seeing what digital painting can do for you - how it can support your goals and enhance your existing projects. There are many types of digital artforms, and as a digital artist, I currently specialise in digital portraiture - drawing out individuality and charisma from a person, animal or character to create a unique digital portrait.

If you're a brand with an upcoming project, contact me to learn how digital portraiture, or digital painting will be a winning solution for your company or brand. I'm excited to hear from you!

Jasmin Mondata

Digital Artist

Digital portrait artist

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